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Simple Truck ELD is the only company on the market that combines the lowest cost with the most flexibility. Our subscription options let you choose the plan that fits your needs - no contract, no hassle - simple. The longer your subscription, the more you save!

01 Basic
  • ELD Compliance
  • Hours of Service
  • DVIR
  • Load Sheets
  • Fuel Purchase
  • Proactive Violation Alerts

$25/Month | $228/Year

One time hardware cost $100

05 Readi Response
  • Rapid Remote Investigation
    • Capture Social Media Evidence
    • Identify All Witnesses
    • Preserve All Evidence
  • Rapid Response Field Investigations
    • Locate and Interview Witnesses
    • Photograph All Scenes
    • Collect All Evidence
    • Background Investigations
  • Additional READI Services
    • Workers Comp
    • Cargo Theft
    • Surveillance
    • Criminal Defense

$6.99/Month | $75/Year

*Additional fees for investigative services billed directly to the client

02 ELD Pro
  • ELD compliance
  • IFTA report
  • Daily vehicle inspection report ( DVIR)
  • Load sheets
  • Built in eSim with 1 GB Data plan
  • Fleet health monitoring
  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Driver behavior score
  • Increase operational efficiency through reports on:
    • Distance and drive hours
    • Idle timing vs driving timings
    • Vehicle usage and driver scoring
    • Inactive/ underutilized vehicles alerts
  • DTC detection alert
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance

$40/Month | $450/Year

One time hardware cost $100

06 Accident
  • Control the narrative, control the claim
  • Rapid response leads to rapid resolution
  • Keeps the driver focused on critical post-accident tasks.
  • Engages cognitive thought processes
  • Immediate first notification of loss
  • Custody and control of critical crash scene data
  • Live visibility into your accident situation

$6.99/Month | $75/Year

03 ELD Promax
  • ELD Compliance
  • IFTA report
  • Daily vehicle inspection report ( DVIR)
  • Load sheets
  • Built in eSim with 1 GB Data plan
  • Live tracking (map and satellite View, 24/7)
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance with DTCs
  • Driver behavioral scores
  • Intelligent monitoring system
  • Real time aural alerts notification to drivers for:
    • Distraction
    • Drowsiness
  • Accident detection & analysis
  • Emergency services
  • Video playback for dash and rear camera
  • Driver categorization
  • Trip history with geo tagging events
  • Geo fence creation and breach alerts
  • Tampering and low-voltage alerts
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Custom Insights on
    • Distance and drive hours
    • Idle timings vs driving timings
    • Vehicle usage and driver scoring
    • Inactive/ underutilized vehicles alert
  • Accident Plan
  • Kevin W McClain Legal Investigation Support
  • Readi Response Commercial Accident

$60/Month | $675/Year

One time hardware cost $275

04 Trailer Truck
  • Live trailer tracking
  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • Real time health monitoring
  • Trip and road history
  • Alerts
    • Low battery
    • Motion based
    • Device tamper
    • Temperature change

$15/Month | $180/Year

Only annual subscription

One time hardware cost $75


* All rates in USD

We accept payment using Master Card, Visa or Amex Credit or Debit Cards, saving or checking account.


Simple Truck ELD believes in keeping it simple- that’s why we provide flexible subscription plans instead of lengthy contracts that are impossible to leave. You can cancel at any time- no fee or penalty attached. Simply pay for the services you’ve already used at cost per month, return the hardware in good condition, and leave the rest up to us.

For more details, see our Terms and Services.

Veterans Discount

We are proud to honor those who have served our country- all veterans will receive a 15% discount with proof of military service. Simply follow the instructions when signing up, and send us your proof of service within 14 days to receive the discount. Simple Truck ELD thanks you for your bravery, and is pleased to be your choice for ELD compliance.

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